Enhanced Sales Services

What are Enhanced Sales Services?

I trust the 80/20 Rule. It proves that 80% of your annual sales come from just 20% of your customers. And while you may not have thought about it, the average customer in your top 20% provides $16 of revenue for every $1 contributed by the average customer in the bottom 80%.

The 80/20 Rule is also applicable to your salespeople. Unfortunately, that means that 60% or more of your salespeople are under-performers. Business is about ROI, so keep your best performers, but I can reduce your sales expense by $50,000 or more on each under-performing sales rep while increasing your equipment and aftermarket sales. 

A Cost-Effective Solution to Under-Performing Sales Personnel

You already have a keen sense of just how much your under-performing salespeople cost you in wages, health insurance, car allowances, etc. And if it were just the money, that would be one thing, but it’s also lost sales opportunities and the revenue they would have generated. And what about the headache and recurring costs of recruiting, training, and turnover? With me, those issues become my burden. 

I have over 50,000 hours of experience in the Material Handling Industry. Beginning with prospecting, I can handle the entire front end of the sales process, do it better, and at a substantially lower cost than under-performing salespeople can.

I Hit the Ground Running

And unlike new salespeople, because of my years of experience in the industry, I’ll hit the ground running.  I know how to take the most valuable customers away from your competition and increase the dollar value of your average closed deal. I also know how to sell more equipment and aftermarket products and services to your current customers, improving your share of wallet and customer retention. 

I know how to differentiate your business by delivering your value proposition, how to gather the essential marketing and sales information, and get it into your database. I have processes in place that enable me to flawlessly follow-up on the future and ongoing equipment and aftermarket needs of the qualified end-users in your sales territory, today, tomorrow, and as long as it takes

There’s No Need to Start Over Each Time

Along with delivering fully qualified, sales-ready leads, I am expert at farming sales opportunities to ensure future business. There is no need to start over each time. And like your best performers, I know how to build rapport and maintain profitable business relationships. And I’m not shy; I am a fearless asker. I always ask for the business. And I know how to point that business to the right people in your organization. 

I understand pricing and how to bundle additional products and services that ensure you an advantage as the closing table. 

And because you can’t manage what you don’t measure, I provide bi-weekly monthly, annual, and cumulative reports on all of my activities. You’ll never be in the dark or wonder what I am doing. In addition, I will reduce the number of days in your average sales cycle and improve your overall closing ratio. 

Risk-free Guarantee

Like your salespeople, I am willing to work for a base rate and a performance bonus. And while it takes a year, or longer for you to judge the value of a new sales rep, because of your years of experience, you will know in a week if I am a good hire or not. Here’s my guarantee. I offer my service with a Risk-free. If you aren’t satisfied with my performance, you won’t owe me a dime. And I’ll put that in writing.

Call Me Today

I began providing my service in 1997. I have learned much over the intervening years, and I invite your inquiry. Call now.