We want our clients to be Number One…to become the dominate equipment distributor in their sales territories.

Growing Marketshare 365 is the largest provider of exclusive leads for mid-sized and large equipment dealers. It is designed to help clients sell more and take customers away from their competition. Unlike other lead providers Growing Marketshare 365 is solely focused on the success of equipment distributors and offers a complete strategy for them to substantially grow their revenue, marketshare and owner equity.

As a salesman I never had enough leads. Maybe you can relate. Because I had a sales quota and needed more leads, I bought a book on prospecting. I learned how to prospect and met my quota that year. After that I bought other books, kept reading and kept meeting quota.

In 1987 I read a book on how to prospect by telephone. After I mastered the ins and outs of telephone prospecting, I found it to be extraordinarily more productive then knocking on doors. Soon I was able to generate more leads than I needed and began selling them to some of the other reps in my company.

To make a long story short I quit my job in 1988 and on January 2, 1989 I opened my own tele-prospecting business. In 1997 I began working with my first equipment dealer, a Hyster dealer in Salt Lake City. By 2005 we were supplying leads to 38 equipment dealers across the US and in Canada. Then the Great Recession came along and we all discovered that leads weren’t enough. If it wasn’t for their customers many dealers simply wouldn’t have made it through those years. The take away is that it takes both leads and customers to stay in business.

In 2011 I bought some more books and began studying growth. One of the things I learned was that there is a large group of businesses that average an annual increase in gross profits of 16%. That same group average better than 90% customer retention and most importantly to me, had learned how to increase their average annual sales invoice by 11%. As an owner something else caught my eye… the Great Recession rolled off the backs of those businesses like water off a duck. The stats above included operations during the Great Recession.

We are very much aware that our future depends entirely upon your future. That is why, as an organization, we are willing to invest our knowledge and time in the improvement of your abilities and competencies to grow your marketshare. So we take our role very seriously.

We are Growing Marketshare 365 and we are the largest provider of Unlimited Exclusive Leads to equipment distributors throughout North America. If you would like to have a conversation with us about how we can help your distributorship increase your revenues, please click here.