Sales Ready Leads

In our experience, what constitutes as a qualified Sales Ready Lead (SRL) varys from one sales organization to another. Consequently, we thought it would be wise to explain how we define a Sales Ready Lead (“SRL”).

First, we believe that SRL’s should be exclusive to you and not shared with your competiton. You purchase them, you own them. It’s okay if only you and the end user show up at the closing table.

We guarantee exclusivity in our Engagement Agreements. And while we cannot promise that your competition won’t learn about any given sales opportunity, we can promise that they won’t learn about it from us. Any of our clients will vouch for that.

Second, the lead qualifying criteria should be determined by you, the client. Questions I have fun asking our clients is, what would you like to know, what information would you like included in the lead? Would you like to know the types and quantity of equipment they already have? What their purchase plans are? If the money has already been budgeted, and who else will be involved in the decision making process? 

Would it be important to know if they are servicing their equipment, or using an outside vendor? Prospects and customers will tell you almost anything if you ask them properly and it pertains to their upcoming purchase plans.

If your practice is to farm your own leads, any lead and related information can be deposited into your database and turned over to you as soon as the lead has been qualified. If you aren’t farming your leads, then we can farm them on your behalf.

Normally, it is going to be necessary for your salespeople to place from 8 to 10 phone calls to reach a qualified decision-maker. If you feel that is asking too much of your salepeople, we can make those follow up telephone calls on your behalf.

While we we are not qualified to sell for you, we can do the required groundwork, including arranging for the initial face-to-face sales meeting.

Let me quickly review. Sales Ready Leads are:

  • Exclusive – Our SRL’s are never shared with your competition.
  • Customized to your specifications.
  • Flexible – Short of making the actual sale call, our SRL’s include whatever data you need.

And, we guaranteed it. If you have questions, you can schedule a 15 or 30 minute conversation with me at