At the risk of sounding “old-ish,” Risk-Free is a one of the pillars of our business model. Clients tell us that our Risk-Free guarantee is unique from what they have experienced elsewhere. 

What do we mean by Risk-Free? The two phases of our Risk-Free Engagement Agreement are quite simple.

Phase One: The Risk-Free Phase

  • You and others from your management team will be invited to sit in on what we call a “Listening Experience.” You’ll observe one of our Business Development Representatives (BDRs) make live calls, as you listen in. At the end of each call you’ll see how we enter the data we gathered in a special Marketing and Sales Database that we provide to our business partners. 
  • Based on your marketing objectives, together, we will create a prospecting script. If the project you have in mind involves your customers, we will expect you to provide the list. If you want us to call your competition’s customers, we will gladly provide the list.
  • When you are satisfied with every aspect of the process, we’ll begin making calls in the name of your business and on your behalf. The sales leads will be delivered on a daily basis. In fact, we will deliver all of the marketing and sales information that we gather to you.
  • After the Risk-Free period is complete, we will schedule a meeting, explain what we learned, review the sales and marketing information we gathered for you, and discuss the leads.

After that, you will five business days to decide if you want to move into Phase Two of our Engagement Agreement. If you don’t, no money will have changed hands, and our agreement will automatically terminate. If you decide to progress to Phase Two, we will bill you for our services during the Risk-Free Phase and go to work. 

That’s it. You can also cancel the agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving us 30 days written notice. How’s that for a Risk-Free Engagement Agreement? If you wish to know more you may click here to schedule a 15-minute conversation with me, Kent Ekstrom.