Who is Growing Marketshare 365?


Since our incorporation in 1998, we have specialized in generating sales leads for the equipment industry. From the outset our service was in high demand and we grew and prospered. Then in 2007 the Great Recession began. By late 2008, as the economy continued to falter it became clear that the industries’ playbook was no longer effective.  As the economy got better the equipment industry did too. But things had changed and it became increasing difficult to increase revenues and grow marketshare.

Over the years, the number of manufacturers and their distributor organizations have steadily grown while the number of end-users have declined. Because of oversupply, discounting became the norm, margins shrunk and growth has stagnated. Everywhere we looked, equipment distributors were working harder and longer just to stay in place.

Then something interesting caught our eye. While many businesses were failing and falling by the wayside, others in the same industries were prospering and growing. How was that possible?

We found a research brief published by the Aberdeen Group in October 2011. The research brief was entitled, “Value-Based Selling: Building a Best-in-Class Capability for Sales effectiveness”. You will find information from the research brief published here.

What caught our attention was that the great recession had bounced off these Best-in-Class businesses like water off a ducks back. While other businesses were losing market share and sales revenue was falling these businesses were on average enjoying year over year gross profit growth of 16%. Their average closed deal size was also growing by 11.7% annually and their average customer retention rate was 91%. These businesses had achieved that magnitude of growth during the worst economic downturn since the Depression.

Because we wanted to grow we studied the Aberdeen Group’s Research Brief. We learned what these Best-in-Class businesses had done to enjoy such spectacular growth while other businesses were floundering.  After the Aberdeen paper we kept on studying growth. There was no lack of information if someone wanted to research it. It became clear that these businesses were not doing anything that any equipment distributor couldn’t implement in their own business.

We began gluing all of the pieces together, fashioning a complete revenue growth strategy. A strategy that could be customized to meet any equipment distributor’s needs. Our distributors began enjoying success and growing their revenues and marketshare again. It was the success we could see among our distributors that led to the formation of Growing Marketshare 365.

We learned from our research that organic growth results from:

  • Selling more to your existing customers, and
  • Taking customers away from your competition.


We developed our revenue growth formula especially designed to simplify the attainment of both of those objectives. Helping our distributors achieve their revenue and marketshare growth objectives requires a special team. Meet the team by clicking here.

The truly special things about Growing Marketshare 365 are the people behind it, and the culture behind our company. Our entire management team was involved in the transition that we made from being just lead generators to growth generators. We learned, strategized, organized and developed together. Ultimately, it was the passion of the entire team, pulling together that sparked our vision of what could be. The past few years have been an exciting journey for all of us.

Growth results from attracting not intruding. From helping to solve problems. From delighting customers, never harassing them. It is an empathetic approach to growing your revenue because in the end, it’s not about transactions, it’s about helping people, people with real problems needing real solutions.

To find out more about how we partner with our clients to provide real solutions and create unlimited exclusive leads designed to grow their distributorships, click here and visit our Revenue Growth Formula page.

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