What We Do

In times past, salespeople did it all. They did the prospecting; they talked with their customers and prospects and gathered the required marketing and sales information and kept track of it; they followed up and followed through, and they farmed their leads. They knew how to differentiate their products from the competitions’, and they competed on value rather than on price. And when customers and prospects were ready to buy, they were there and ready to deal. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way anymore.

Is Growing Market Share Over? No!

Being in the business, we see it every day. Qualified leads that require farming are abandoned. In many industries, salespeople compete on price alone. And because salespeople no longer prospect, they can’t do anything about maximizing deal size. And because of that, growing market share has become a thing of the past. We don’t think it should be that way, and it doesn’t have to be.

We Know How

In overcrowded industries, GRO365 will show you how to outperform your rivals and increase your marketshare. We fashioned GRO365 to provide whatever assistance is necessary to fill the gaps in the front end of your sales process. Because we take a portion of our fee in commissions as sales occur, we focus our efforts on the biggest and most valuable end-users in your sales territory, which means you can sell more without adding additional salespeople. We know how to get past the receptionists, the secretaries, and assistants to the decision-maker(s); how to introduce your products and services; how to deliver your value proposition; and how to determine where your customers and prospects are in their purchase process. We can also provide and deliver both marketing content and collateral literature. We can even schedule the sales appointments for your salespeople.

What to Do

We know how to have conversations with people; how to get them to answer our questions; and how to get the information you want and how to format it for your database.


We offer our service on a Risk-Free basis, and we prefer to take the major portion in the form of commission as sales occur. We will even put a cap–an upper limit–on the amount of commission we are eligible to earn.

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We began providing our service in 1998. We have learned much over the intervening years, and we invite your inquiry. Call now.