STEP 5 – Mastering the Revenue Growth Formula


Here is our final step in this series.  We’ve shared some impactful information on how to substantially increase your revenue and grow your distributorship with a simple, yet powerful formula. If you want to review what we’ve covered so far, click here.

Now that you’ve seen how our exclusive Revenue Growth Formula works, perhaps you’re wondering if you can grow your revenue and reclaim lost money by working with us.   Here’s how you can get started:


Our 5-phase Sales Process: We have two steps in our Risk Free Engagement Agreement:

Phase 1. We begin with a high level overview of why our revenue growth formula will work for you. It’s also an opportunity for you to get all your questions answered. After that, we’ll have some questions of our own. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll tell you that in the first conversation.

Phase 2. Once we discover that we can help you grow revenue, usually the next step is a presentation including other members of your management team. We want to share with the other members of your team the same information we shared with you in Step 1. Like you, they need to understand how we’ll grow deal size, generate more leads and increase your win rate with our revenue growth formula.

Phase 3. We call it “Listening In”. It’s an opportunity for you and members of your management team to watch and listen to actual prospecting calls being made. You’ll see lists, scripts, marketing and sales information being gathered and witness leads being generated. It’s a compelling example of the power of asking in real time.

Phase 4. You will receive:

–A no cost/no obligation free Ideal Customer and Gap Analysis of your own customers

–A summary detailing what your own Ideal Customer Revenue Ratios look like

–Specific details of where you are leaving millions of dollars in revenue on the table

–Discuss how we will begin capturing it for you

Phase 5. How would you like to try our service Risk Free?  Here’s the deal–we’ll prospect on your behalf, at our expense. That’s why we call it Risk Free. We’ll work to sell more to your existing customers, or if you prefer, we’ll demonstrate our ability to take business away from your competition. It’s your choice.

We’ll provide the list, the script (our personnel will make the calls) and you get the qualified, exclusive leads, and the marketing and sales information.

If you like the results and want to work together, we’ll put together a plan. If we fail to meet your expectations, then you won’t owe us anything—not even a dime.

How’s that for a Risk Free Trial?

You’ve got nothing to lose by contacting us today.

The Ugly Truth

Although manufacturers and distributors don’t like talking about it, there is an Ugly Truth in the industry. Watch the video below and see what the Ugly Truth consists of.


We are Growing Marketshare 365 and we are the largest provider of Unlimited Exclusive Leads to equipment distributors throughout North America. If you would like to have a conversation with us about how we can help you grow your revenue, please click here.