50 Ways to “Wow” Your Customers

When it comes to customer retention each of us is keenly aware of the need to deliver to and satisfy our customers, but what’s “Wowing” about?

Wowing is a lesson that I learned from my neighbor, Jim. Jim, his wife Kim, their twin daughters and dog moved in next door 5 or 6 years ago.  Jim’s a great neighbor and he helps out when an extra hand is needed. We visit from time to time, as good neighbors do.

About a month ago Jim’s dog took ill, so Jim took her to the vet. The vet examined the dog, discovered the problem and recommended surgery. Jim and his family have a lot of affection for the dog and he readily agreed to the treatment. The surgery seemed to go well and the vet kept the dog overnight. The next day Jim picked her up and brought her home.

A couple of days later Jim received an email from the vet. The vet explained that by now the dog ought to be feeling better. He explained that she should be eating normally and that the area around the incision ought to be dry, etc. The vet added that if Jim had any concerns he should bring the dog back into the office and the vet would be glad to examine her at no cost.

A week later, the vet sent another email. This one explained that by now the dog should be totally free of symptoms and acting like her old self. The email concluded by again encouraging Jim to bring the dog in if he had any concerns and the exam would be free. Unlike Jim I don’t have a dog. If I did and it ever became ill I know who would be my vet of choice. Now you understand what Wowing is. Delighting your customers by exceeding their expectations, on a regular basis.

One of our customers in Chicago figured out a unique way to Wow his customers. Every time one of his customers buys a new piece of equipment or places a substantial service or parts order he (actually his assistant) sends the customer a personal thank you letter and encloses a $5 lottery ticket. In the thank you letter our client explains that he doesn’t know if it’s a winning ticket or not but that he hopes his customer wins a gazillion dollars. His customer’s enjoy the letters and they also seem to like the lottery tickets. He told me about an instance when he forgot to send the letter to one of his customers. The customer telephoned to make sure he didn’t forget to send the letter and his lottery ticket.

To illustrate how to WOW your customers, we put together a list of 50 Ways to WOW you can download. The cost runs from as low as about $5 to as high as $25. We will be happy to visit with you about this list and you never pay us anything until you are satisfied with our services.

50 Ways to WOW downloadable pdf

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