Grow365 is the leading provider of aftermarket growth services for equipment distributors in North America. Our ongoing research and work with high growth manufacturers and distributors is changing how they increase wallet share, improve customer retention, and sell more equipment. Our service includes everything you need to turn sales transactions into high margin, long-term, loyal customers—from strategies through implementation.

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Duane Hardy – Forklift Systems, Inc.
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Alan Killion, Vice President
“It’s been my pleasure to work with Ekstrom & Associates, the parent company of Growing... Read More

Scott Field- Marketing Manager for NC Machinery
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James Nagel, VP of Sales As a part of Nordco’s effort to further expand its Shuttlewagon brand in 2010 contracting with Ekstrom and Associates, the parent company of Growing Marketshare 365, to represent its mobile railcar mover business was one of many initiatives the company sought to further penetrate the various industrial markets it serves.  Immediately Ekstrom expanded our database and began an aggressive calling campaign.  Ekstrom has remained a fixed component of our marketing efforts driven to assist each of today’ eleven sales regions and overall service enterprise across the U.S. Not only is Ekstrom searching out the sales leads but is also collecting relevant data on each unique company listing.  The information that they populate into our data base serves multiple functions; opportunity generation, prospect awareness, market data and sales region/territory design. In four years we have been with Ekstrom, they have contributed to our winning multiple business opportunities and made us increasingly more aware about the information collected on many fronts; company by company, city by city, state by state and territory by territory. James Nagel, Nordco  James Nagel, VP of Sales Vice President of Sales, Shuttlewagon, Inc., Nordco