You CAN Grow Market Share!

Growth results from selling more to your existing customers and from taking customers away from your competition. Being highly profitable is a great accomplishment and deserves recognition, but if you aren’t gaining market share, you aren’t growing. Let us show you how to effectively apply the 80/20 Rule so you can begin today increasing your market share . . . and it won't cost you an extra dollar!

How Competitive is Your Market?

How long has the competition in your market been a problem? How have you tried to fix it? Did it work? Do you have the capacity to produce more? How much do you think the intense competition is costing you? Have you tried using the 80/20 Rule to outperform your competition?

If the circle above represents your market and the wedge represents your market share, then your business clearly doesn’t lack the opportunity to increase its market share. What you may lack is a proven, practical strategy to take advantage of the opportunity.

Add the 80/20 Rule

Most business people mistakenly believe that growing market share is a sales issue. But when you add the 80/20 Rule to your marketing strategy, it empowers your business to take market share away from your competitors. Best of all, your competition will be powerless to stop you!

Wouldn’t that be FUN?

Just about everyone in business knows about the 80/20 Rule, but most have never put a pencil to it. If they had, they would have discovered that the top 20% of end-users spend $16 for every $1 spent by the end-users that make up the remaining 80%. Sound confusing?

Well, what would happen to your equipment deliveries, your sales revenue, and profits if an ever-increasing portion of your closed deals were with the top 20% of your competition’s customers (their ideal customers)?

We Know How to Do It!

We know how to make that happen for you. Here’s another piece of good news. Except for closing bigger deals, incorporating the 80/20 Rule into your company’s marketing strategy will be completely transparent and it will not require either change or retraining in any department of your business.

Recession-Proof Your Business

Call today and be prepared for what’s to come in 2020! Click here and change your 2020 prospects!

Growing Market Share 365 can show you how to take the most valuable customers away from your competition and recession-proof your business today.

Our team will assist you with your growth problem and deliver risk-free, guaranteed opportunities that otherwise would not be available to you.